HG Wells’ The Time Machine

Tickets now on sale for Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, 28 September!

Music! Mystery! Morlocks! A musical adventure from 800,000 years in the future!

The year is 1955. It is the golden age of sci-fi, and the 60th anniversary of The Time Machine. A mysterious man arrives at Radio Woking to present a thrilling musical adaptation of HG Wells’ classic story. Prepare yourself for show-stopping songs! Live sound effects! And a rip-roaring original score!

The Time Machine is a prime example of innovative storytelling. The musical numbers are deliciously amusing, while the spoken narrative is designed to captivate the audience and keep them on their toes. Both performers demonstrate strong acting ability, and Sharman in particular knows how to earn laughs from a crowd. This is an intriguing adaptation of a beloved science-fiction novel you won’t want to miss.’
**** Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (full review)

‘With The Time Machine, Sharman and Owen have created a delightful, charming production, bringing a fresh new take to a much loved story. Make the time to see it!’
***** Broadway World (full review)

Performed by Laurence Owen & Lindsay Sharman

Written & Directed by Lindsay Sharman

Music by Laurence Owen

Based on the book by H.G. Wells

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www.lindsaysharman.com, @LindsaySharman